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Founder of the club

A brief introduction to Mr. Guo dawei.:

Master of business administration, founder of lottery life club.

Fast rich holding group chairman, harbour plaza international amusement resort group President, sun yat-sen cultural academy honorary President, executive director of the association of shenzhen cultural creativity industry, honorary President of the international police association of macau branch, executive director of the association of Chinese entrepreneurs, the standing committee of guangdong province youth federation, China academy of management, a senior researcher.



The founder's creative idea:

With the advent of the great age, people's life and consumption concepts changed. In the direction of culture, health, fashion, quality and simplicity. In this change, the great trend has given the opportunity to the society to flourish while giving people an examination question which needs to be solved urgently: it is the reasonable balance between material life and spiritual life. First of all, we set up a new way of life, which combines learning with swimming, combining work and life in our leisure activities, and then promoting it with one-stop solution. The life elements that people need in the new period: eating, shopping, playing, learning, swimming, raising and earning seven things together to solve, make daily life easier and more quality!

To effectively achieve these goals, our approach is: will paid trading relationship between businesses and consumers into a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, remove the deal in a wide range of links and link of cost savings along to consumers significantly; The participation group enjoys the opportunity to grow together with the platform while enjoying the excess equity.!

We defer to the first; The principle of self-interested business principle; The philosophy of sharing, blending and symbiosis, with the help of Internet technology, is dedicated to the establishment of new business logic on the basis of human nature. 1 + 1 + 1 & gt; Throughout 111 &; The development strategy of the platform is expected to enable the members of the colorful life club and all the participants to realize the overall improvement of the quality of work and life. The platform can finally become a new era culture, health, fashion, leisure and beautiful life ecological circle.。

The name comes from:

Chinese President xi jinping's message to the Chinese people is eagerly anticipated.

Three enjoy:

Life in our great motherland and the great age of the Chinese people, enjoy the life together give prize, enjoy the chance of a dream come true together, share together with the motherland and the era opportunity of growth and progress。

Our claim

Global economic and cultural integration; The improvement of the quality of working life of members is the goal of our efforts.!